Dentist in Slough

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162 Langley Rd   Slough   Berks   SL3 7TG

Smile Gallery

Mrs CannonCase 1 Mrs Cannon
This lady had teeth whitening and replacement crowns

Miss BrakonieckCase 2 Miss Brakonieck
This lady had a veneer fitted

Mr GreenwoodCase 3 Mr Greenwood
This gentleman had teeth whitening

Mrs MckeownCase 4 Mrs Mckeown
This lady had teeth whitening

Mrs GlanvilleCase 5 Mrs Glanville
This lady had four new front crowns

Mrs WalshCase 6 Mrs Walsh
This lady had a new bridge and a new crown fitted

Mrs HillCase 7 Mrs Hill
This lady had six new crowns fitted on her front teeth

Mrs TrottmanCase 8 Mrs Allen
For this lady we carried out tooth whitening to remove stains on front teeth