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162 Langley Rd   Slough   Berks   SL3 7TG

Fees & Offers

Whitening trays + 10 syringes
Take home whitening £375

Denplan Essentials

Join our Dental Plan,

Denplan Essentials includes 2 examinations, 2 hygiene appointments, all necessary xrays and insurance in case of injury or accident. The price is £14.90 a month and can be started straightaway without an assessment. You can register now online. A great way to maintain your oral health.


Denplan Online Application

Examination and Hygiene   £ 70.00
X Rays   £ 10.00
Silver Fillings   £ 70.00
White Fillings From £ 80.00
Root Canal Treatment From £ 395.00
Extractions From £ 100.00
Crowns From £ 450.00
Veneers From £ 425.00
Bridge Per Unit From £ 400.00
Post   £ 150.00
Dentures From £ 450.00
Teeth Whitening From £ 250.00

Payment Options

Your dentist will give you a treatment plan and written estimate of fees at your initial consultation appointment. Fees are payable as treatment progresses as each item of treatment is completed. Fees maybe made by credit/debit card or by cash